Days Gone How To Find Collectables?

Open the Storylines menu, go to the Collectibles section, and then use either the R2 or L2 button to reach the Herbology sub-menu. This will allow you to see how many Days Gone Plants you have discovered. In the video game Days Gone, there are a total of 33 Herbology Collectibles that must be located in order to earn a perfect score in the game.

How many collectibles are there in Days Gone?

Days Gone has a total of 252 Collectible Locations in addition to 104 Questline Items.This collectibles guide will show you where all of them may be found.You don’t have to locate everything and may bypass a lot of it in order to get trophies because you just need to gather 75% of the collectibles in addition to all of the items required for the questlines.You’ll find links to each particular collectable kind farther down this page.

Where to find tourism collectibles in Days Gone?

Because Days Gone is an open-world game, the game environment naturally contains a variety of collections, and one type of item that may be found in the game is referred to as Tourism Collectibles.Because they may be located in virtually any part of the world, we have included a guide with specific information on their whereabouts, which should make it much simpler for you to track them down and add them to your collection.

Where can I find all of the character collectibles?

Obtaining all of the Character Collectibles is a requirement for obtaining ″The Broken Roadshow″ award (get 75 percent collectibles in the game). The sequence in which Character Collectible Locations appear on the in-game Collectible Menu is replicated here for your convenience. In the menu, you’ll be able to keep tabs on how far you’ve gotten.

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Where are all the collectables in Days Gone?

  1. Move on to the Copeland’s Camp location
  2. Camp at the Hot Springs
  3. Belknap Region
  4. Lost Lake Camp
  5. The Camp on Wizard Island
  6. Camping at Diamond Lake
  7. Iron Butte Region

Where can I find horde Days Gone?

Crater Lake is the location of the Days Gone Horde.

  1. Nest of the Rimview Ranch Horde may be found at the north-easternmost part of Crater Lake, in a cave that already has a nest. If you destroy the nest, you will find that the horde is already inside
  2. Horde of McLeod Ridge: Located to the north-east of the camp at Diamond Lake, in the snowy portion of the map, and running down the base of the mountain

How long finish Days Gone?

The main storyline of Days Gone might take anywhere from 30 to 60 hours to complete. Those who are interested in doing a direct run through the plot on easier difficulties should be able to hurry through the experience in around 30-35 hours at the very minimum. Even those who are making a beeline for the finish line should be ready to commit a significant amount of time.

What are the hidden trophies in Days Gone?

In Days Gone, the Base Game Trophies are for the Main Storyline.

Trophy Title Mission You Need To Complete
Riding Nomad Riding Nomad Again
Hold On Tight A War We Can Win
It’s Getting Cold Outside We Couldn’t Take The Risk
Morior Invictus Ascending From The Underworld

What does New Game Plus do in days gone?

The ″New Game Plus″ mode that can be found in Days Gone grants the player the ability to start a second playing of the game with practically everything that was obtained during the first playthrough of the game.This includes bike upgrades, collectibles, encampment trust, and more.Hard II and Survival II are the names of the new difficulty settings that are being introduced with this release.

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How many IPCA tech days have gone?

The IPCA Tech is a piece of loot that may be collected in Days Gone. When Deacon has collected all 18 parts, he will be able to use an unidentified NERO weapon. This weapon may be accessed through the handgun menu on the Survival Wheel after completing the collection.

What is the hardest horde in Days Gone?

1 Horde from the Old Sawmill Deacon must eradicate the Old Sawmill Horde in order to complete the assignment named ″I’ll Save Some for You.″ The Old Sawmill Horde is the most formidable horde that Days Gone has to offer. In spite of the fact that it is the most difficult horde in Days Gone, one strategy for wiping it out involves using stealth.

Can you go back north after riding nomad again?

You may get back to all of the places after the tale has been completed, which is excellent news.

What do you get for killing all the hordes in Days Gone?

You will be able to put the St. John Horde Killer Custom Skin on your motorbike if you are successful in locating and destroying all 37 Freaker hordes. In addition, the elimination of each individual member of the horde will net you not only some experience points but also a portion of the trust that is held in that area.

Is O’Brien a freaker?

It is revealed to the player at the conclusion of the game that he has been infected with a more advanced strain of the Freaker Virus, which has endowed him with superhuman agility and strength while allowing him to keep his intelligence intact.

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How long does it take to get 100% Days Gone?

According to the Feedback of 810 Users

Platform Polled 100%
PC 304 65h 46m
PlayStation 4 684 66h 28m
PlayStation 5 164 63h 27m
PlayStation Now 1

Does Days Gone end on a cliffhanger?

The Days Gone Secret Ending takes place very late in the game, much after the normal campaign’s credits had rolled for the game. It includes O’Brian, a researcher who specializes in Nero, and it has some very significant repercussions for the story as it moves ahead.

What does the IPCA stun gun do?

You may obtain the IPCA stun pistol by crafting it with all of the technology that you locate and using it in the same way as Gabe Logan, star of Siphon Filter, did (a PS1 era Sony Bend game). Even Gabe’s initials are engraved on the item. If you keep your finger on the trigger, it will not only temporarily stun the opponents you strike, but it will also set fire to them over time.

What is the mysterious weapon in Days Gone?

After assembling all 18 parts of IPCA Technology, players can use the Survival Wheel to get access to the IPCA Stun Gun, which is a taser device.In order for it to operate, Deacon needs to hit the target with both of the pronged wires.Despite the fact that the weapon isn’t extremely effective, it enables Deacon to render Freakers immobile and has a remote possibility of lighting them ablaze.

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