Ffxiv Where Do I Turn In Collectables?

These are the types of collectibles that can be brought to any appraiser that deals in collectibles. Appraisers can be found at the following locations:

  1. Limsa Lominsa, also known as Hawkers’ Alley (in Aetheryte),
  2. Gridania, also known as the Leatherworkers’ Guild in Aetheryte
  3. (Aetheryte: Sapphire Avenue Exchange)
  4. Ul’dah
  5. Mor Dhona (x22.
  6. Idyllshire (x5.
  7. Idyllshire)
  8. Rhalgr’s Reach (x9.
  9. Eulmore (x11

How do you turn in collectable fish?

The first thing you need to do is look in the Timers menu to see which fish may presently be traded in, and make a note of the minimum collectability requirement the fish must meet before you can trade it in. Make sure that the ″Collect″ option is turned on, and then head to the fishing hole where the collectible fish you are looking for may be found.

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