How To Hang Curtains With Decorative Molding?

Hang Curtains High

  1. At a bare minimum, the shelf should be at least 3 to 6 inches higher than the top of the window, provided that there is sufficient area for it
  2. Even better: at the middle of the distance between the top of the window and the ceiling, plus one or two inches
  3. Install the curtain rod such that it is directly behind the crown molding if you have crown molding

How do you hang a curtain rod on a wall?

After you have slipped the drapery panels onto the rod, ask someone for assistance in extending the unit horizontally over the window area so that it covers the whole space. To determine the amount of wall space that the fabric occupies in inches, stack it neatly to the edges of the room. This will provide you with information on how far out to mount the rod.

How to decorate your home with curtains and drapes?

You can make a room feel more open and brighter, and draw attention to the view outside the window, if you hang your curtains or drapes in the most effective way. Alternatively, you could choose to highlight the wide moldings in the room, which would mean sacrificing some sunlight and the view outside the window. Your window’s frame will determine which choice is best for you to choose.

How do you hide crown molding on curtains?

When the curtains are pulled open, you may hide the side molding by positioning them so that they align with the inner border of the framework. It would be a shame to conceal big and elegant crown molding with cloth while the molding is available. By utilizing an inner mount for the draperies, the exquisite ornamentation may be admired in its entirety.

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How high should Curtains hang from the ceiling?

To prevent the window treatment from looking too congested or cramped, suspend them just below the ceiling, allowing one or two inches of space above the curtains. This strategy, which is frequently employed by interior decorators, makes the most of the height of the room by utilizing the length of the curtain to visually extend out the space.

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