How To Insert A Decorative Line In Word 2020?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Inserting a Line in Word for Mac

  1. Open Word
  2. Click Blank document
  3. Select the Insert option from the menu
  4. Click on the Shape button
  5. Simply select your preference from the menu that appears

Inserting a line in Word may be done using the Shapes menu.

  1. Put the cursor in the location where you wish to enter the line, and then press Enter.
  2. Select the Insert tab on the menu.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Shapes group in the Illustrations group
  4. Make your selection from the available line shapes in the Lines group
  5. Move your cursor to the position in the Word document where you want the line to appear, and then release it.

How to insert a decorative line in Word 2010?

  • The steps to insert a decorative line in Microsoft Word 2010 are summarized below.
  • 1.
  • Navigate to the top of the window and select the Page Layout option.
  • 2 Select the Page Borders button from the toolbar.
  • 3 Select the Horizontal Line option from the drop-down menu.
  • 4 After choosing your ornamental line, click the OK button to continue.
  • 5 To make any necessary adjustments, right-click the ornamental line, then select the Format Horizontal Line option from the context menu.
  • More

How to insert a horizontal line in Microsoft Word?

  • Open Word.
  • Put the cursor in the spot where you want to place the horizontal line you just created.
  • To access the Design tab, click here.
  • Click Page Borders.
  • Click the Horizontal Line option that appears in the pop-out box for the Page Border.
  • Choose the type of horizontal line you want to place and click the Insert button.
  • Press Insert.
  • You have now successfully added a horizontal line into the document that you are working on in Microsoft Word.
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How to make a line in a Word document?

#3 What Is the Proper Way to Create a Line in Word? (Horizontal & Border Lines) 1. Position the mouse cursor in the position in Word where you want to insert a line. 1. 2 Step 2. Navigate to the Home tab, and inside the Paragraph section, click the inverted triangle that is located beneath the Borders symbol. 3 Move on to Step 3. From the drop-down option, select Horizontal Line. More

How to create custom lines in Microsoft Word 2016?

First, select the Insert tab at the top of the menu, and then select the Shapes option from that tab. Step 2: Choose a line style that appeals to you from the drop-down menu that may be found in the Lines section. Step 3: Position your mouse cursor at the desired area inside your Word document, then press and hold the left mouse button while dragging the pointer to a new spot.

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