How To Make A Decorative Clipboard?

Crafting a Decorative Clipboard That Can Stand Up by Itself 1. Using a ruler and a craft knife, cut the solid piece of paper to measure 5 11/16 inches by 8 11/16 inches. 2. Position the paper so that it is beneath the clip in the clipboard, and use a pencil to make a note on the paper where the metal piece is located.


  1. Remove the clipboard’s hardware, and then spray paint the remaining surface
  2. Acrylic paint should be used to cover the wooden section of the clipboard.
  3. Measure and cut the paper while the clipboard is in the process of drying
  4. Put on a layer of decoupage that is around medium thick

What are your favorite DIY clipboard designs?

The patterns that feature pom poms and white floral drawings are particular favorites of ours. Here’s one another illustration that proves you can never have too many polka dots or flowers in your wardrobe! You are going to really adore the Do It Yourself clipboard that Wayfair is going to teach you how to make.

How do you seal painted clipboards?

I painted the back of the clipboards with acrylic paint and then sprayed them with clear gloss to protect the color. I painted the back of the clipboards with acrylic paint and then sprayed them with clear gloss to protect the color.

How is a clipboard made?

Typically, folding clipboards are made from a single sheet of flexible PVC, with two layers of hard material sandwiched between the two layers of PVC. The two pieces are connected by a folding hinge, which enables the front to be folded over the content to give protection and frequently to allow for some kind of advertising material or instructions to be shown.

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How do you wrap a clipboard?

Remove excess wrap at the perimeter of the clip that is fastened.Wrapping paper should be folded around and around the top edge of the clipboard, then taped to secure it.Flip the clipboard over so that the back is facing you, and smooth it out.As if you were wrapping a present, wrap the material around the clipboard such that it extends over and around the edges, and then secure it with tape as you go.

How do I cover my clipboard with contact paper?

You will need to use a pair of scissors to cut a sheet of contact paper that is just a hair larger than the dimensions of your clipboard.To accomplish this, just place your board on top of the contact paper and trace it with a pencil.You will need to leave an additional 1.5 inches on both sides of the board so that you have enough excess material to wrap around the back of the board.Now comes the exciting part!

What can I use instead of clipboard?

Paste. You may now copy and paste on your Mac using the new app called Paste. It remembers everything you’ve ever copied and gives you the ability to access your clipboard history whenever you want, regardless of the device you’re using.

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