How To Make Decorative Bows With Wired Ribbon?

Position the end of a ribbon so that it is centered in the middle of the book’s cover. Select a book that has a breadth comparable to that of the bow you intend to create. Position the end of a broad ribbon with a wired edge in the middle of the book’s cove. Adjust the end of the ribbon so that it is approximately half an inch or one inch closer to the spine (1.27 to 2.54 centimeters).

How to make a flower-shaped bow?

A lovely bow in the shape of a flower may be created in a breeze with this method.For this particular method of making a bow, you will want a ribbon made of wire.You will also need your scissors and around one yard of ribbon.

Only one of the sides of the ribbon should have a wire inserted through it so that you may make the shape of a flower with it.Take the wire out of one of the sides, and be sure to just use one of the sides.

How do you make a bow for a gift box?

Adding this bow on a present box is the perfect thing to do! A loop should be made using the ribbon. Bring the loop around to the center join where it was started. Put your finger on the ribbon to keep it in place. At the point where the loop is folded, crease the length of the ribbon. Fold the fabric back on itself to create another loop. If you like, you may glue or tape it in place.

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