How To Paint Antiques?

Apply a thin layer of primer using a brush or roller to the inside, outside, and doors of the item, then wait for it to dry.Apply one layer of paint in the color of your choice over the primer, then wait for it to dry.Tip: When applying paint, use a paint brush to form peaks and valleys in the surface.

  1. These peaks and valleys will be more apparent after the stain has been applied, which will result in an antique look that is more authentic.


  1. Make sure the Furniture is Ready. To begin, take apart any and all of the hardware and use painter’s tape to cover any sections that you do not like to be painted
  2. Sand the Currently Applied Finish
  3. Bring Some Color to the Wood
  4. Make use of the Primary Color
  5. Implementation of the Second Coat
  6. Sand, and then Buff
  7. Put the finishing touches on it

Do antiques look better when painted?

If you can believe it, painting certain antiques makes them seem even better than they did before.Before determining whether or not to paint a work, I carefully consider the specific circumstances of that item.These are the aspects that I take into account!

  1. 1.
  2. How long has the antique been in existence?
  3. A fresh coat of paint is typically a worthwhile investment for something that is less than or equal to fifty years old.

Which antique furniture should I paint?

My research has led me to conclude that the ideal choice for painting is an ancient piece that features extensive carving. After being painted, the carving really stands out and looks amazing. Such as the ancient work by Henri II that I described before.

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Would you paint an antique French Commode?

We have recently finished painting a magnificent antique French commode from the early 20th century.It has clean lines but is veneered with a variety of unusual and exotic woods.If it weren’t for the request of the customer, I never would have painted this old piece of furniture.

  1. The straightforward construction of the antique resulted in a less intriguing overall appearance for the piece than would have been achieved by intricate carving.

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