Which Antiques Roadshow Experts Have Died?

Graham Lay, who worked as an expert for Antiques Roadshow and specialized in armor and other items related to military history, passed away in 2016 after battling cystic fibrosis from the time he was born in 1960. He made over 25 appearances on the show during the course of his career. Ceramics were Geoffrey Godden’s area of expertise, and he referred to himself as a ″chinaman.″

How did Antiques Roadshow expert Alice die?

An inquest came to the conclusion that neglect and a severe failure on the part of medical professionals to rapidly try resuscitation were contributing factors in the death of an Antiques Roadshow expert. An inquest jury came to the conclusion that Alice Gibson-Watt, who was 34 years old when she passed away in 2012, had a brain damage due to a cardiac arrest. A week earlier,

What happened to Henry Sandon on Antiques Roadshow?

After discovering that a piece of Worcester Porcelain had been broken, the expert on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, Henry Sandon, was required to reduce the object’s worth. An earlier edition of the BBC program ″Antiques Roadshow″ was shown in which Fiona Bruce and the other members of the team of experts welcomed guests to Tatton Park in Cheshire.

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