Ruth and Robert have been associated with antiques, art and collectables all their lives.

Robert is a third generation antiques dealer as his mother and her parents were dealers. A childhood memory is of his grandfather off to catch the train to Paris with a framed oil painting wrapped in brown paper tucked under his arm.

Ruth’s family association started when her mother’s parents “downsized” their family home – although that word was not used back then. Subsequently, her family home was graced by some beautiful late Victorian / early Edwardian furniture, ceramics and 4 striking mantle clocks.

Ruth and Robert have been collecting for many years.

The idea of starting their own gallery, not the usual, predictable “antique shop” but something much much more, has been in the back of their minds for a while.

They decided that 2014 was to be the year despite poor financial and political outlooks in Australia and overseas.

They feel Canberra deserves an antiques collectables and art gallery where a diverse and extensive range of items can be explored in a welcoming and comfortable location…

  • Where friendly experts are happy to appraise and advise you about your treasures be they single items, collections or estates.
  • Where you can discover curios, collectables, art works, larger items and furniture to purchase and cherish for a lifetime.
  • Where you can discover an unexpected treasure as a gift for that special friend.
  • Where an avalanche of memories can be awakened.
  • Where you can arouse visceral vibrations viewing vintage erotica.

Ruth & Robert expect this new venture to be continually changing and improving so that each time you visit will be a voyage of discovery.


Name Robert
Surname Jackson
Age: 44
Hobby: Decor,History
Status: Editor-in-Chief
Contacts: [email protected]