How Do You Get On 2022 Antiques Roadshow?

Visit in order to submit an entry for a chance to win a free pair of tickets to a 2022 ROADSHOW event and to view the entire entry guidelines. The submission period will close at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, March 21, 2022.

How do I get tickets for the Antiques Roadshow 2022?

This summer marks the return of the Antiques Roadshow; however, in contrast to past years, shows in 2022 will be limited to attendees who have purchased tickets in advance.You can submit an application for tickets by clicking on the link provided below.Using the ‘Share Your Story’ link that can be found further down on this page, you are more than welcome to discuss the unique objects that you plan to bring with you on that particular day.

What is the deadline for the Antiques Roadshow appraisal contest 2021?

A maximum of 130 winning submissions will be chosen by the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in 2021, and there will be five different filming sites.The competition is no longer open.The last day to submit an entry was June 7th, 2021.How can I get tickets to watch an episode of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in 2021?

Since the entry period for the 2021 Appraisal Contest closed on June 7, it is too late for you to submit a submission.

What are the requirements to be on the show Antiques Roadshow?

You have to be able to carry or manage your own object in the site where the filming is taking place, especially on grassy and other surfaces, as well as inclines both indoors and outdoors. Winners of the 2021 ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Appraisal Contest will get more information from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, including specifics on entrances, walking surfaces, and shuttles, among other things.

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How will the 2021 appraisal contest be filmed?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW will get in touch with all of the winners of the 2021 ANTIQUES ROADSHOW Appraisal Contest, and a particular filming time will be set for each winner.The 2021 production will adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines established by ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and will take place on closed sets that are only available to the ROADSHOW production personnel, as well as pre-selected invited visitors and appraisers.

What US cities will Antiques Roadshow visit in 2022?

  1. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2022 Tour Events TUESDAY, MAY 10 — Cheekwood Estate & Gardens | Nashville, TN
  2. TUESDAY, MAY 31 — Idaho Botanical Garden | Boise, ID
  3. TUESDAY, JUNE 14 — Santa Fe’s Museum Hill | Santa Fe, NM
  4. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22, 2018 — Filoli | Woodside, California
  5. TUESDAY, JULY 12 — Shelburne Museum | Shelburne, VT

How do you get items on Antiques Roadshow?

How can I send in my goods to be considered for Antiques Roadshow?You may submit an application to have your piece considered for the program by filling out a form that can be found on the BBC website.By filling out the online form, which is currently available for the summer of 2021, you will be required to choose the location of your choice and provide information on possibly valuable artifacts.

How do I get in touch with the Antiques Roadshow?

You may get in touch with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW directly for information on probable forthcoming tours by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-888-762-3749 or by sending them an email through the Antiques Roadshow Contact Form.Either way, you can reach them for this information.On the page under ″ANTIQUE ROADSHOW Appraisers,″ you can find the contact information for the appraisers who have been featured on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW.

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Where are they filming the Antiques Roadshow?

The Palm House at Sefton Park in Liverpool.

Is Antiques Roadshow touring in 2022?

In 2022, the Antiques Roadshow will make stops in five different locations, one of which will be in Vermont for the very first time. The shooting will take place at several historically significant locales across the states.

How much is a video call with Dr Lori?

Video Call – 30 minutes At $199 You may connect with Dr. Lori through FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype, amongst other platforms, in order to have your antiques, thrift store treasures, and other items appraised. Bring her along with you shopping and do it live in the store!

What can you not bring to Antiques Roadshow?

We do not provide valuation services for the following: automobiles, stamps, stock certificates, paper currency, coins, bicycles, tools, fossils, glass fire extinguishers, explosives, or dangerous objects. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Frequently Asked Questions section of our website if you want to bring in an antique weapon for valuation.

Do experts get paid on Antiques Roadshow?

When it comes to the specialists, the key occupations that bring in the most cash for them are those of auctioneers.

Can you go to Antiques Roadshow?

The Antiques Roadshow does not require any tickets, so all you need to do is show up. Admission is completely free. On occasion, venues will charge for parking; for further information, please refer to the page for the venue in question.

Can I send a picture to Antique Roadshow?

Can I obtain an evaluation from ANTIQUES ROADSHOW either online or based on images that I mail in? No, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW exclusively conducts appraisals in-person at events specifically designated for that purpose.

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What cities will Antiques Roadshow visit in 2021?

Between the months of August and October, the program will make stops in Middletown, Connecticut; Bretton Woods, New Hampshire; Long Island, New York; Williamsburg, Virginia; and Hamilton, New Jersey. It is the continuing series that receives the greatest ratings on public broadcasting. The show, which has been produced by GBH for the past 26 years, is currently in its 26th season.

What is the schedule for Antiques Roadshow?


May 2 8/7C PM Grounds For Sculpture, Hour 3 (#2612) | WATCH NOW » New 9/8C PM St. Louis, Hour 2 (#2208) | WATCH NOW »
August 12 10:30/9:30C PM RECUT: Desert Botanical Garden, Hour 2 (#R0308) New
August 15 8/7C PM Philbrook Museum, Hour 1 (#2310) 9/8C PM Philbrook Museum, Hour 2 (#2311)

When was Antiques Roadshow filmed at Woodhorn Museum?

The Woodhorn Museum in Ashington played host to the BBC One show over the summer of 2017, and the resulting episode is scheduled to air on BBC One at 8 o’clock on the evening of Sunday, February 27.

When was the Antiques Roadshow filmed?

Since it first aired on February 18, 1979, Antiques Roadshow, a British television programme about the valuation of antiques, has been airing on BBC One continuously ever since the show’s debut.

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