How Many Collectables Are In The Last Of Us 2?

In The Last of Us 2, how many collectibles are there? There is a total of 227 treasures available in TLoU2, with 235 collectibles available if you count the Training Manuals as well. If you wish to check the current amount of collectibles you have, you may do so on the Chapter Screen, which you can get via the Main Menu. Here, you will see the total number of collectibles you have.

There are an astounding 266 collectibles hidden throughout The Last of Us 2 for players to discover. You can check out any collectibles you’ve unearthed by pressing the touchpad while you’re actually playing the game, and then using the R1 button to get to the collectibles subsection of the menu.

What is the last of US 2 collectibles guide?

This guide to the collectibles in The Last of Us 2 is your road map to winning the platinum trophy, and it contains the locations of every artifact, trade card, coin, journal entry, workbench, and safe in the game. Warning: The information in this guide may include spoilers. Although it is organized by chapter, the titles of some of the chapters have been left out on purpose.

Can you collect trading cards in the last of US 2?

  • You’ve got to amass them all!
  • Ellie will have the opportunity to acquire a variety of treasures throughout her journey in The Last of Us 2, including Trading Cards.
  • These cards may be found scattered across the world.
  • This Trading Card Collectibles Guide will provide you with the locations of all of the trading cards that are available to be found in the game, arranged in the order in which they are found.

What are collectibles in tlou2?

What kinds of collectibles are available in The Longest Journey 2? The Last of Us 2 has anywhere from one to multiple collectibles in nearly every single stage. There are certain secrets that have no practical application; these secrets can take the form of a variety of papers and artifacts.

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Where to find every artifact in the last of Us Part 2?

Find each and every Artifact, Journal Entry, Trading Card, and Workbench in each and every building in Seattle on Day 1. The Last of Us takes place in Downtown. The events of Part 2 start on the first day in Seattle, when you are unable to access Gate East 2 until you locate some gas.

How many collectibles are there in Ellie Last of Us 2?

There are 286 different Collectible Locations in The Last of Us 2.

How many collectables are in the last of us?

The Last of Us has a total of 140 collectibles, and the guides provided by Polygon will walk you through the process of locating each one. There are five distinct types of collectibles to be found in The Last of Us: There are a total of 85 relics, 30 firefly pendants, 14 comics, 12 training manuals, and 5 tool level upgrades.

Can you go back and get collectibles in The Last of Us 2?

  • When you are going through the plot for the very first time, try not to worry too much about gathering everything in a single session.
  • There is a fantastic chapter choice system in The Last of Us Part 2 that, if you complete a chapter, shows you how many collectibles you are still missing from that chapter.
  • You always have the option to turn back.
  • Look for goods and collectibles as you explore.

How many artifacts and journal entries are there in The Last of Us 2?

Even though there are more than 100 artifacts, over 50 trade cards, and more than 30 coins to collect, the diary entries are, by a wide margin, the easiest items to tackle initially. There are only 20 entries in the diary throughout the entirety of The Last of Us Part II, with 18 of them occurring before the break in the action.

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How many collectibles are in Day 2 Seattle?

Hillcrest is home to a total of 11 different collectibles, including 10 Artifacts, 5 Trading Cards, 1 Journal Entry, 2 Workbenches, and 1 Safe.

Will there be last of us 3?

According to Naughty Dog, The Last of Us 3 is not presently in production. This means that even if it is created in the future, the release date won’t be for many years. On the other hand, we are aware that the production company has an interest in carrying on with the series.

How many coins does Abby collect?

Items from Seattle’s Day 1 (Abby) event

Section Artifacts Coins
Section Artifacts Coins
The Coast 3 4
Return to the Coast
TOTAL 18 16

How many training manuals are there in The Last of Us 2?

The location of The Last of Us Part 2’s Crafting Training Manual has a total of eight Training Manuals.

How much is The Last of Us 2 Collector’s Edition?

Limited Collector’s Edition of ″The Last of Us, Part 2″ The Collector’s Edition of the game costs $169.99 and includes everything that is included in the Special Edition, in addition to some additional physical swag. This includes a replica of Ellie’s bracelet, lithograph art print, six enamel pins, and five stickers. The statue of Ellie measures 12 inches.

Do cheats affect trophies Last of Us 2?

It is now possible to enable cheats in The Last of Us 2 thanks to the game’s most recent update. These exploits will make it slightly easier to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. However, hacks, which are referred to as gameplay modifiers in this context, may frequently render awards useless because they ruin the game and make everything a great deal simpler.

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Can you go back a checkpoint in The Last of Us 2?

  • Players should see an additional option named ″chapters″ just beneath the words ″new game″ and ″load game″ in the game’s menu.
  • From that point on, all that is required of players is to choose whatever chapter they would want to play through again.
  • That will also load every checkpoint that a player has finished inside a chapter, so they should be able to jump in pretty much wherever they want to.

How long is Last of Us 2?

The Last of Us Part II is around twenty-four hours long when played through with the primary goals in mind. If you’re the kind of gamer that wants to experience all the game has to offer, you should plan to spend about 42 hours on it if you want to finish it with a perfect score.

How many trading cards does Jackson have?

This Collectibles Guide for Chapter 1 of The Last of Us 2 is now available. Jackson is aware of the locations of all nine artifacts, as well as four trade cards, four diary entries, one workbench, and one safe.

How many optional conversations are there in the last of us?

During the course of the single-player campaign in The Last of Us Remastered, players will have the ability to participate in 37 different Optional Conversations. If you complete all of them, you will receive the I Want to Talk About it trophy, which is a Silver level achievement that gets you one step closer to achieving your Platinum objective.

How many collectables are in FNAF security breach?

This includes any upgrades or collectibles you may have purchased. There are a total of 77 gifts, however it is not necessary for you to discover them all. In addition to that, you need to locate all six gold plush collectibles.

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