How To Sell Fine Art Online?


  1. Make sure you sell yourself first. Before moving on to anything else, take a moment to reflect on who you are as an artist.
  2. Join online artist communities. You could wish to sign up for an account on an online art community or store, but that decision will mostly depend on the number of artworks that you plan to sell.
  3. Expose yourself to the public
  4. Blog about your creative endeavors.
  5. Make sure you have a mailing list.

Building your own branded online storefront using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify is the most effective method for selling artwork over the internet. You may also sell your work on social media sites such as Instagram Shops and Facebook Shops, or on a marketplace that specializes in arts and crafts such as Etsy.

How can I Sell my Art Online for free?

  • ArtPal is a well-known online gallery that allows users to purchase and sell artwork for free and features the works of many thousands of artists.
  • There are no recurring costs.
  • No commission.
  • Totally free, with no limits on the amount of area you may use to sell your artwork!
  • You have the option of selling original artwork as well as prints, and you can even make use of their free Print-on-Demand service to create bespoke prints and have them framed.

What is the best site to sell prints?

  • This option is ideal for artists who wish to sell excellent prints via the internet.
  • FineArtAmerica is another print-on-demand service that offers many of the same product alternatives as other websites, in addition to having a company objective and model that are quite similar to one another.
  • If opening an online art business is one of your goals, and you want to offer prints of the highest possible quality to customers all over the world, you should investigate

How do I sell a piece of fine art?

  • People who are looking to sell fine art often have two alternatives available to them.
  • They have the option of selling the item on consignment, through an auction or dealer, or selling it straight to a gallery if they so want.
  • Every option has certain drawbacks as well as benefits.
  • The possibility for the greatest financial gain is often realized when an item is sold on consignment during a public auction.
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What is the best site to sell artwork?

  1. The top online markets where you may sell your artwork to generate revenue for your creative enterprise. Etsy
  2. Amazon
  3. FineArtAmerica
  4. Saatchi Art
  5. UGallery
  6. Shopify
  7. TurningArt
  8. Society6

Is selling art online worth it?

  • Selling your artwork online may be a good way to boost your visibility, save time on marketing, and earn additional revenue, despite the fact that there are certain negatives to doing so.
  • Your answer to that question is the only one that matters.
  • The article ″25 Resources Every Artist Should Know About″ has a list of fantastic websites that you should check into if you do decide to sell your artwork online.

How can I sell my art online for beginners?

  1. 12 Pointers to Keep in Mind When Selling Your Art Online (Beginners Guide) It’s better to give than get!
  2. Find Your Niche.
  3. Learn the Ins and Outs of Your Art Business.
  4. Locate an appropriate venue for the sale of your artwork.
  5. Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket.
  6. Make your own website into an online art store that customers may buy from
  7. Think about getting things that are printed on demand.
  8. Learn to Make the Most of Social Media

What kind of art sells best?

1. Paintings of Scenery and Landscapes There is a widespread perception that landscape painting is the most fundamental form of artistic expression. A long view is something that everyone can enjoy since it is something that everyone understands, and because of this, it is a choice that is simple for a customer to make.

Is Etsy good for selling art?

Etsy is an excellent choice to consider if you want to start selling your artwork on the internet. You will be able to get understanding of the fundamentals you need to thrive in the online world through this experience. Some of these fundamentals include price, customer service, shipping, taxes, and successful product promotion.

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How do I price my art?

You should pay yourself a fair hourly salary, then add the cost of the supplies to that number, and that should be your asking price. For instance, if the cost of supplies is $50, the piece of artwork takes 20 hours to complete, and you pay yourself $20 an hour to produce it, then you should set the price of the artwork at $450 ($20 multiplied by 20 hours plus the cost of materials).

What art sells best 2020?

  1. The Storm on the Sea of Galilee by Rembrandt is expected to be one of the year’s most popular paintings.
  2. The painting ″Starry Night″ by Vincent van Gogh
  3. Justyna Kopania’s piece is titled ″Moon Reproduction.″
  4. Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper.
  5. Gustav Klimt – The Kiss (Full view)
  6. Composition VII is a painting by Wassily Kandinsky
  7. Gustav Klimt – Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

How do you price art for beginners?

Therefore, if you want to charge $15 per hour and an item took you 10 hours to construct, and the materials cost you $45, you might use $195 as a beginning point in your pricing (10 times 15, plus 45). The cost of supplies would include things like your canvas and paper as well as things like paint and ink.

How do beginner artists make money?

To get started, have a look at these 8 active and passive income possibilities that artists might pursue.

  1. Making a sale of artwork on Instagram
  2. Teaching art either in-person or through the internet.
  3. Using Sellfy to market and sell vector drawings
  4. Submitting applications for scholarships and contests
  5. Earning an income without active labor by selling wall art
  6. Combining your art with the sale of other products
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Is it hard to sell art online?

  • However, there are a number of unique obstacles that come along with selling products online.
  • These challenges include exposure, conversion, and, of course, making a profit.
  • On the other hand, if you have a good eye, a creative streak, and are willing to put in a little bit of effort, you can sell art effectively online and make money!
  • Put up your sleeves, because we’re about to get this party started.

Is my art good enough to sell?

However, the fact that people are not purchasing your work does not always imply that it is of a quality that cannot be sold. You are good enough to be selling your work if you are obtaining validation in the form of likes, comments, and followers on your posts or videos. However, in order to acquire sales, you first need to actually create sales. Making art by itself is not sufficient.

Can I sell my art from home?

  • Many artists work from their homes to sell their artwork.
  • It’s a business strategy that has the potential to be successful for a lot of different musicians.
  • However, you must be mindful of the legal and other ramifications that come with selling from your house.
  • When compared to setting up a retail business in your own house, selling products over the mail or online is a very other ballgame.

What kind of art is popular right now?

  • The term ″contemporary art″ is typically used to refer to the kind of artwork that are now in the highest demand.
  • The term ″contemporary art″ refers to a wide range of movements and styles, such as modern, abstract, impressionism, pop art, cubism, surrealism, fantasy, graffiti, and photorealism, among others.
  • Painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, and digital art are some of the most common mediums used in contemporary art.

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