How To Ship Fine Art Prints?

Glassine should be used to cover all sides and corners of your works of art, and acid-free artist tape should be used to hold it. When rolling paintings for shipment in a tube, provide an additional space of two inches at each side of the painting. An oil painting, art print, or canvas that has been covered with plastic palette wrap serves as a protective layer and helps avoid scratches.

  1. On either side of the artwork that you are packaging, adhere one or two pieces of corrugated cardboard or mount board.
  2. Make sure the cardboard is at least two inches larger than the original that was wrapped.
  3. Apply tape all the way around the exterior of the cardboard pieces so that they will stay together and the corners of the original will be protected from any damage that may be caused by impact.

How do I ship my art prints?

  1. Place the prints to be guarded inside an envelope made of cardboard and secure the enclosure with packing tape.
  2. Before sending it out, write your address on the envelope and mark it with the words ″Do not bend″ in big characters.
  3. A cardboard tube provides an ideal shipping container, particularly when used for transporting bigger prints.
  4. You may pick up one of these tubes from the post office, a shipping business, or even an art supply retailer.

What is the maximum value of artwork for shipping?

Declare artwork value We advise shipping artwork that has a limit of liability no higher than one thousand dollars and a maximum stated value no higher than one thousand dollars. We provide Premium Art Boxes, which are lined with a plastic protection and foam, for customers who are shipping artwork with a value more than $500.

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How to pack and ship art prints to avoid damages?

The following is some advice on how art prints should be packed and transported so that they remain undamaged during the shipping process. Prints of art that are no larger than 8 by 10 inches and can fit between two pieces of cardboard that have been cut slightly larger than the prints can be sandwiched.

How do I ship artwork or other fragile items?

We are able to take care of all of the packaging for you in order to provide you with safety and peace of mind whether you are shipping artwork or other delicate or one-of-a-kind things. If you would want your package to be prepared to be taken to a FedEx Office location, please follow these procedures. 1. Declare artwork value

How do I pack Fine Art for shipping?

Find a box that is a few inches bigger on all sides than the piece of artwork you intend to display.

  1. You will need two pieces of cardboard or foam board, which you will need to trim down to the size of the interior of your box.
  2. Put your artwork in a durable plastic bag to preserve it from dampness, and then place the bag in the refrigerator.
  3. Protect the artwork by wrapping it in at least one layer of bubble wrap and securing it with packing tape

How do I send prints?


  1. While in transportation, protect the artwork from the elements by placing it in plastic sleeves.
  2. First, insert your artwork into a stiff envelope, and then behind it, place a backing made of foam board or cardboard. This results in the envelope having a more solid structure
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How do you send art by mail?

Using the Appropriate Packaging for Your Canvas

  1. Wrap the entire canvas with packing paper and secure it with tape so that none of the canvas is visible through the paper
  2. A few layers of bubble wrap should be wrapped over the entire canvas, and then it should be taped down to ensure that it does not move
  3. If there is enough space, you may protect yourself further by taping another layer of foam sheets over the previous one

How much does it cost to ship artwork?

What is the typical price range for shipping artwork?

Local (LA-LA) Mid-way (LA-Chicago)
Small Art $102 $145
Medium Art $147 $199
Large Art $168 $236
X-Large Art $349 $407

How do I send prints by post?

Applying sturdy packaging tape to the edges of the protective cardboard will help keep it in place. Your photo, painting, or drawing will now have a protected ″inner box″ as a result of this. Before you package your artwork, protect it even further by wrapping it in multiple layers of bubble wrap that has been sandwiched between layers of cardboard.

How do I sell expensive art on Etsy?

Advice for Making a Profit When Selling Fine Art on Etsy

  1. Separate Yourself From the Other People.
  2. Offer a Range of Prices
  3. Present Some of Your Work
  4. Utilize Categories and Search Terms
  5. Be Descriptive.
  6. Take Extreme Caution!
  7. Manifestly, the Policies of the State
  8. Enhance the Individuality of Your Customer Service

How do I ship an 11×14 print?

I use the complimentary cardboard containers that come with USPS Priority Mail for my unmounted 11×14 prints. There is a size that may be used for 11×14 if you so want (I use a scrap piece of mat board and a bag to protect the print in the box). In these modern times, the online lab that ships straight to the consumer is the one that I utilize the most of the time.

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How do I ship my canvas art?

When you are getting your artwork ready to be shipped, the very first thing you need to do is cover it with a piece of thin plastic and wrap it up. This film will safeguard your canvas against moisture, which is a factor that might adversely influence the print’s quality. In addition to this, it will prevent anything from clinging to the canvas while it is being transported.

What is flat rate USPS?

Because the cost of shipping does not vary based on factors such as the mailed item’s weight, dimensions, or form, this type of shipping is referred to as ″flat rate″ shipping. It depends on how much you can cram into the box that is provided by the United States Postal Service.

How much does it cost to ship a painting Fedex?

When shipping by UPS or Fedex, the price of shipping a large picture that is above 30 inches in one dimension will typically be at least $50. When the package’s length reaches 30 inches, the price of shipping goes up, so you shouldn’t be shocked if it costs close to or more than $100 to send — this is especially true when shipping across the nation.

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