When Does Antiques Roadshow Air?

The majority of PBS stations broadcast ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on Monday evenings between 8 and 9 o’clock. Check the local listings as well as the national schedule for any further information. Get in touch with us. Our Sponsors

Around 6 million people tune in to watch ANTIQUES ROADSHOW every time it’s shown on PBS on Monday nights at 8/7c. The show is produced by GBH.

Will there be an Antiques Roadshow tour in 2022?

Make sure you keep an eye on this spot! After the new year, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW will make an announcement on the 2022 tour! Additional information from PBS’s Craft in America: Jewelry Investigate the past, present, and future of the art and practice of personal decoration.

Is Antiques Roadshow based on a true story?

It is based on the long-running BBC show of the same name, which has been airing since 1978. In January of 2005, Lara Spencer took over as presenter of the spin-off program ‘Antiques Roadshow FYI,’ which featured reports on antiques and collectibles as well as updates on objects that had been assessed on ‘Roadshow.’ The show was titled ‘Antiques Roadshow FYI.’

Is Antiques Roadshow a registered trademark of the BBC?

Produced By ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is a registered brand of the BBC and is used by GBH, working under license from BBC, Worldwide, to create the show for PBS. Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is classified as a 501(c)(3) corporation. 1997–2022 WGBH Educational Foundation.

Is there a service charge for Antiques Roadshow tickets?

Tickets to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW can be obtained without payment or a service fee.Will you please confirm that you have received my application for a ticket?After successfully entering to win tickets online, you will be sent a one-of-a-kind entry number over the email address you provided.This email will also provide you with a URL that you may access at any time to review the input you made for your ticket.

What US cities will Antiques Roadshow visit in 2021?

Between the months of August and October, the program will make stops in Middletown, Connecticut; Bretton Woods, New Hampshire; Long Island, New York; Williamsburg, Virginia; and Hamilton, New Jersey. It is the continuing series that receives the greatest ratings on public broadcasting. The show, which has been produced by GBH for the past 26 years, is currently in its 26th season.

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What time is the Antiques Roadshow on today?

The next episode of Antiques Roadshow will air on BBC One on the following Sunday evening at 7 o’clock.

Are there any new episodes of Antiques Roadshow?

PBS is getting its 2022 programming off to a good start with the help of Antiques Roadshow.On January 3rd, the show will return with its 26th season, which will consist of 25 episodes.The renowned program has been broadcast in the United States since 1997, and it involves antique collectors from all over the country who bring their goods to be evaluated by industry professionals to determine whether or not they have potential monetary value.

What time and channel does Antique Roadshow come on?

The following is the filming schedule for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in 2022: The most popular ongoing PBS series, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, is shown on Monday nights at 8/7 Central Time and is produced by GBH.

Is the roadshow on tonight?

The show ‘Roadshow’ has a straightforward concept in which it travels around the United States and evaluates artifacts that have been found or come from families. This is the Antiques Roadshow.

Time Episode TV Channel
4:00 pm St. Louis (Repeat) CPTV Spirit (65)
4:00 pm St. Louis (Repeat) CPTV Spirit (49.3)
8:00 pm St. Louis (Repeat) CPTV Spirit (49.3)
8:00 pm St. Louis (Repeat) CPTV Spirit (65)

How much is a video call with Dr Lori?

Video Call – 30 minutes At $199 You may connect with Dr. Lori through FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype, amongst other platforms, in order to have your antiques, thrift store treasures, and other items appraised. Bring her along with you shopping and do it live in the store!

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What US cities will Antiques Roadshow visit in 2022?

  1. ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2022 Tour Events TUESDAY, MAY 10 — Cheekwood Estate & Gardens | Nashville, TN
  2. Idaho Botanical Garden | Boise, Idaho | TUESDAY, MAY 31
  3. TUESDAY, JUNE 14 — Santa Fe’s Museum Hill | Santa Fe, NM
  4. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 — Filoli | Woodside, CA
  5. TUESDAY, JULY 12 — Shelburne Museum | Shelburne, VT

How do I get something appraised on Antiques Roadshow?

You may get in touch with ANTIQUES ROADSHOW directly for information on probable forthcoming tours by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-888-762-3749 or by sending an email to Antiques Roadshow Contact Form. Either way, you will be able at get this information.

What’s on the BBC One schedule?

  1. The programming schedule for BBC One at 06:00 today. Breakfast, the 29th of June, 2022
  2. 9:00:00 am, the entertainment program Morning Live
  3. Documentary at 10 o’clock. Fightback on the Frontline
  4. 10:45, the first part of Day 3 at Wimbledon
  5. 13:00. BBC News at One, dated June 29, 2022
  6. 13:30. BBC London. The latest lunchtime news: 29 June 2022
  7. 13:45, the third part of Day 3 at Wimbledon
  8. 18:00. BBC News at Six, dated 29 June 2022

Who is Izzie Balmer?

Izzie Balmer, who hails from Derbyshire and works as an antiques valuer and auctioneer, is 31 years old and has become a familiar face on the BBC program Antiques Road Trip. She has also been on the show Bargain Hunt. In addition to her work on television, Izzie’s primary occupation is that of chief valuer at the Wessex Auction rooms located in Wiltshire.

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The Antiques Roadshow will not be ending any time in the near future.The show has been picked up for another season by PBS, and the locations where it will be filmed have already been decided.In order to ensure the cast and crew’s well-being, the series will only shoot on closed sets at each of the five locations.In a press statement, PBS provided further details on the continuation of the Antiques Roadshow.

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