How Do I Add A Decorative Border To A Word Document?

Word’s instructions for adding borders to documents

  1. Open your Word document. Start by doing a double click on the Word document that you wish to add borders to. The document will open in Microsoft Word when you do this
  2. Choose the Home tab from the menu. Word’s window displays it at the very top of the screen. When you do that, the appropriate toolbar will become available here
  3. Select content. You may create a border around the text or image (or both) that you wish by clicking and dragging your mouse over it
  4. Find the button labeled ″Borders.″ This button, which looks like a square cut into four smaller squares and can be found in the ‘Paragraph’ area of the settings, allows you to indent paragraphs.

Add a border to a page

  1. Go to Design > Page Borders
  2. Determine the appearance of the border by making the appropriate options
  3. Click the Options button to change the amount of space that exists between the border and the page’s margins. Make the necessary adjustments, then click the OK button
  4. Make sure you click OK

How do I add borders to a Word document?

Start by doing a double click on the Word document that you wish to add borders to.This will launch Microsoft Word and open the document there.Choose the Home tab from the menu.

Word’s window displays it at the very top of the screen.If you follow those steps, the appropriate toolbar will open here.Select content.You may create a border around the text or image (or both) that you desire by clicking and dragging your mouse over it.

How do I change the color of a border in word?

Choose a line style from the drop-down menu in the Style section of the Borders tab. You may pick a line style by scrolling through the alternatives that are available. To choose the color of the border line, use the drop-down menu labeled Color. To get a wider variety of choices, scroll to the bottom of the list and select the button labeled ″More Colors.″

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How do I put a border around text in InDesign?

Choose a width for the border by using the drop-down arrow next to the Width option.In the area labeled ″Preview,″ pick the edges of the box to apply the border to the sides of the chosen text that have been selected.Alternately, you may pick a predefined border in the Settings section.

To adjust the border’s appearance more precisely, select Options and then use the Border and Shading Options dialog box to make your changes.

How do I add or remove a border to a shape?

Choose the form or text box to which you wish to add, modify, or delete a border, and then click the Borders tab. After clicking on the Shape Format button, click the arrow that is located next to the Shape Outline option. Take one of the following actions: You may either add or take away a photo border.

How do I make decorative borders in Word?

To build a page border that is unique to your document in Word:

  1. Launch Word, then navigate to the tab labeled Design. Click the Page Borders button located in the Page Layout menu. In the window labeled Borders and Shading, click the Page Border button
  2. Choose the ″Custom″ option from the drop-down menu of available options. This is where the enjoyable parts of the game start
  3. Simply construct the border by clicking the OK button

How do I add decorative lines in Word 2020?

Inserting a line in Word may be done using the Shapes menu.

  1. Put the cursor in the location where you wish to enter the line, and then press Enter.
  2. Select the Insert tab on the menu.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to the Shapes group in the Illustrations group
  4. Make your selection from the available line shapes in the Lines group
  5. Move your cursor to the position in the Word document where you want the line to appear, and then release it.

How do you add a clipart border to a Word document?

The Step-by-Step Guide to Adding a Clip Art Border in Word

  1. Choose ‘View’ from the drop-down menu in the Word toolbar.
  2. In Word, go to the very top of the toolbar and select ″Insert″
  3. Select ‘Clip Art’ from the ‘Insert’ option after selecting ‘Picture’ from the Insert menu
  4. In the search box located at the very top of the Clip Art collection, enter the word ″Border″
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How do I add a Christmas border to my Word document?

Open a blank Word document. To add something, use the ″Insert″ option at the top. When you click the Clip Art button, the Clip Art search window that is located on the right side of the screen will open. Enter ″holiday border″ into the ″Search For″ box located at the top.

How do I create a flower border in Word?

Add a custom border

  1. To add a border to a text box, AutoShape, photo, or other object, right-click the item, and then follow these steps:
  2. Choose the relevant entry under the Format menu, then navigate to the Colors and Lines tab.
  3. Click BorderArt
  4. In the dialog box for BorderArt, click the Create Custom button
  5. Click the Picture to Select it

How do you add decorative lines in Word 2021?

Insert a line

  1. Choose Shapes from the Insert menu’s drop-down menu
  2. Choose the line style that appeals to you the most under Lines
  3. Choose a spot inside the document, press and hold the left mouse button while dragging the pointer to a new location, and then let go of the button

How can I decorate my Word document?

Choose the words, the paragraph, the list, or the table that you want to alter. Choose a format from the Home tab’s Style drop-down menu. Your paper will have a more polished appearance as a result of using themes.

  1. Choose Design > Themes from the menu.
  2. Simply pointing to a motif will give you a sneak peek at how it will appear
  3. Choose the topic that interests you the most

How do I make colored lines in Word?


  1. You may make the changes you desire by first selecting the line you want to modify and then clicking the Format tab.
  2. To change the color of the line, go to the Shape Styles menu, click the arrow next to the word ″Line,″ and then choose the color you want.
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How do you make a clip art border?

You may add a clip art border to your document in Word by going to the toolbar and selecting ″View.″ Choose ″Insert″ from the menu in Word. First, select ″Picture″ from the Insert menu. Next, select ″Insert″ from the Insert menu. Finally, select ″Clip Art.″ In the search box located at the very top of the Clip Art collection, type the word ″Border.″

What is an art page border in Microsoft Word?

You are already aware, if you add page borders to your document, that you have the ability to utilize several creative treatments for the borders of the pages. You may, for instance, decide that you want the page border to be made up of a row of apples, stars, candles, or something else entirely. You have access to a large variety of different artworks in Word that you may use as borders.

How do you add a Christmas border in Word 2010?

What is the proper way to create a border for my Christmas letter?

  1. To add a watermark, pick the Insert > Watermark option from the primary menu bar.
  2. Select Photo > Select Picture, then look for your border picture, and select it.
  3. Remove the checkmark from Washout so that it does not appear to have faded

Can you download borders for Microsoft Word?

The software solutions offered by Microsoft Office come pre-installed with features that allow you to modify documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in order to better engage your audience.Utilize the connectivity provided by your Internet service provider in order to download extra border selections from Microsoft.These will supplement the restricted collection of pictures that came pre-installed on your computer.

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