How To Incorporate Antiques Into Decor?

Repurposing old furniture, converting old trunks into bench seats or old luggage into bookcases, and decorating your kitchen with antique kitchenware are some more ways to include antiques into your house. Other methods to incorporate antiques into your home include: (use a vintage cabinet as a TV stand, for example).

However, you may continue reading if you are interested in seeing some examples of modern interior design that use antique furniture, as well as some decorating advice for using antique furniture!

  1. Combine vintage pieces with more modern furnishings.
  2. Use Antiques As Accent Pieces.
  3. Bring About a Contrast Between the Old and the New
  4. Mix Real Antiques With Reproductions

Why should you mix antiques and modern decor?

This relates to the hue, the form, the feel, and the overall look. Because it maintains a room’s sense of freshness, provides contrast and depth, and ultimately produces balance, mixing modern pieces with antiques is a terrific method to achieve these design aims.

How do you decorate a modern room with antiques?

Use a very contemporary fabric to reupholster an antique Louis Bergere or Regency chair. When placed in a space dominated by antiques, a piece of contemporary art may really make the space pop. Put modern lights on an antique couch table, or vice versa. Set up a lovely round French or English wood pedestal table in the center of a group of contemporary seats.

Should you integrate antique furniture into your modern design?

  • It is vital to examine both the piece’s appearance and its functionality when deciding whether or not to include an older component into a more contemporary design.
  • Antiques frequently have elaborate wood carving, marquetry, or ornamental flourishes that are not found in typical pieces of contemporary furniture.
  • This is because great craftsmanship is becoming increasingly difficult to locate in modern times.
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How can I Make my antiques look more modern?

  • ″Fresh upholstery may give antiques a contemporary feel without abandoning old appeal,″ adds Williamson.
  • ″This can be accomplished without diminishing the value of the antique.″ If you are interested in purchasing a print, think about the form of the piece and determine if you want to play with the form or against it.
  • When applied to a curved sofa, stripes will draw attention to the design of the piece, whilst floral patterns used to a chair with a straight back may provide some coziness.

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