How To Pack Fine Art For Moving?

  1. When transporting large pieces of artwork, it is essential to pack each piece in a separate customized box that is just slightly larger than the frame you’re packing.
  2. This will ensure that the artwork is not damaged during the move.
  3. You may get specialist boxes from a company that sells moving supplies or from an organization that rents trucks.
  4. If you are unable to get speciality boxes, you can disassemble and flatten an old box instead.

How do you pack art for a move?

Make sure the base of the box is ready. The bottom of your box should be lined with wadded up newspaper. After that, you can place the artwork within the box and begin working on filling up the sides and the top of the container. Test. Put the lid back on the box, but don’t seal it.

How to pack a box for a move?

Put duct tape or packing tape on all of the box’s sides in case it slides while you’re moving it. To begin, take some packing tape and close off the entrance of the box. After that, tape up each of the four corners of the box.

How do you package a large painting for shipping?

Bubble wrap the artwork to the depth of the box until you reach the end of the roll. Place a sheet of bubble wrap on the table so that the smooth side is facing up. Place the artwork on top of the bubble wrap, and then start rolling it up. Take measurements at regular intervals to determine the overall thickness of the package.

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