What To Put In Decorative Glass Jars?

If you’ve been stumped about what to put in a large glass jar for décor, citrus fruits like lemons and limes are a great option to consider. I highly advocate making use of fake lemons, limes, or any other type of fruit; but, if you are planning on utilizing real fruit for a special event such as a party, you absolutely have that option.

How to decorate your home with glass jars?

Jars may be stuffed with a variety of lovely ornamental elements, such as glitter, flower petals, candles, glass beads, or colorful pebbles.We advise selecting a variety of jar sizes, ranging from little to large, and then clustering them on your tables in various configurations.Making use of glass jars as centerpieces is a great way to bring out your creative side and represent who you are as an individual.

What kind of jars should I use to make a display?

Use a combination of shorter, broader glass jars and taller, more thin glass jars, picking forms that are visually appealing to you. Jars made of glass in shades of blue, brown, and green give your display a distinctive flair. Jars made of glass are the most useful container for crafters.

What can I make with Mason jars?

You’ll find the directions for putting together this amazing craft over at Mason Jar Crafts. 93. Glass Jar Chandelier Create a stunning outdoor glass jar chandelier to decorate your patio or garden using the instructions provided. 94. Jars Made of Jute and Burlap

What can you stash in a glass jar?

It is not necessary for the contents of a glass jar to only have a decorative purpose. For the bathroom of a guest house, stock a glass candy jar or apothecary jar with an assortment of colorful miniature soaps. Another jar is completely stuffed with vibrant effervescent bath bombs, all set for a rejuvenating spa night in the comfort of your own home.

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