Where Are The Collectables In Gears Of War 3?

The schematics may be found by heading to storage 3 and placing them in a safe.Collectible 34 can be found during Act 5: Shattered Paradise.After you have vanquished the barges and entered the level, collectible number 35, the Money Stock, will be waiting for you at the very end of the corridor.

Collectible 36 is a diary, and it may be found in one of the sofas in the room with the angel statue.

How many collectibles are there in Gears of War 3?

In Gears of War 3, players may acquire a total of 57 different objects, including 15 COG Tags and 42 different Collectibles. The following is a list containing the locations of all of the Gears of War 3 Collectibles and COG Tags. The following page contains videos, screenshots, and a brief tutorial for each Collectible and COG Tag that can be found in the game.

How many COG tags are there in Gears of War 3?

Gears of War 3 has a total of 42 collectibles in addition to 15 cog tags that may be discovered. The first of the recovered cog tags may be obtained by kicking open the door to the room on the player’s right at the very beginning of the prologue (as soon as Marcus is under your control).

Where can I find FENIX Research in Gears of War 3?

Once you have seen the cutscene and entered Adam Phoenix’s office, look for the last item, which is referred to as Fenix Research, on a tiny table that is located next to the telescope. In order to obtain four Achievements that are connected to one another in Gears of War 3, you will need to uncover the secret items, which are as follows:

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Where can I find all the collectibles?

The War Journal is where you should put any collectibles you have. As you begin your training, you’ll find it on the ground in the first alley. At the conclusion of the training, once you have down the ladder, turn right and proceed inside the little chamber that is located at the end of the alley.

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